Meet the Host

Nothing better than a Montecristo cigar

My name is Jody Hanks and I host the You Know What I Think? podcast. I’m an experienced organizational leader with 25-years specializing in health care operations. Folks who know me would describe me as calm, contemplative, deliberate, and decisive. I’m a husband and father. I’m an experienced copy-editor and enjoy writing. In fact, I would like nothing more than to write for a living. I have a passion for military history particularly related to decision-making during times of conflict. I enjoy reading old pulp fiction, so I can’t pass a used book store without entering. I like a good Pilsner, Black Seal rum, Glengoyne Scotch, and the occasional cigar. Finally, I’m a tech-geek, and devoted Mac-user.

In addition to You Know What I Think?, I also produce two other podcasts:

The Digression Podcast is hosted by me and a former colleague from my Air Force days. The podcast has a military slant and Chris and I have humerous and irreverent discussions about interesting or unusual topics with a lot of digression. We stand for nothing and sometimes we can’t even stand.

Rx for Success Podcast spotlights physician leaders reflecting on the elements that made them successful. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Randy Cook, a well-regarded general and vascular surgeon, and former radio personality. The podcast is sponsored by MD Coaches.