14: Decoding Airline Ticket Prices

You know what I think about supply and demand? This podcast was inspired by my brother who had to take an unexpected trip and was forced to purchase an airline ticket the day before the needed flight. So, he was lamenting the high price of the ticket, and after some good-natured ribbing about his studying Political Science in college instead of Economics, we discussed what he considered price gouging was really nothing more than simple supply and demand.

13: Personality and Effective Teams

You know what I think about managing teams? Humans are highly complex and don’t come in predictable behavioral packages. The simple truth is people are different and how the team leader manages those differences is the key to the team’s success or failure in meeting its objectives. A working understanding of the individual team member’s personality is key to an effective team and will help the team leader guide them in meeting goals. The ability to match work profiles with personality will also help satisfy the needs of the team members. In this podcast, I discuss using a personal profile system to get more out of your workcenter teams.

12: Business Responsibility to Society

You know what I think about business and social justice? In this podcast I discuss a business’ role in society and where it’s responsibilities lie. What obligation does a business have to contribute to the common good? Listen in for the next few minutes and I’ll tell you what I think.

11. Conversational Writing

You know what I think about writing? It can be very frustrating, especially when you’re trying to craft an email to an important client and you find yourself stuck on an awkward passage, are just too wordy, or your efforts produce nothing more than a jumbled mess. Even the best writers struggle with messaging from time-to-time. In this podcast, I share six tips to help you be a better writer and convey your message with clarity and personality.

10. Productivity with Special Guest Steve Schoenly

You now what I think about productivity? In this podcast, I talk productivity with Steve Schoenly, the owner and founder of Schoenly Consulting. In addition to providing audit and compliance services within heavily-regulated industries, Steve’s firm helps companies increase productivity by improving process efficiency. In my first podcast interview, Steve shares his thoughts on personal productivity and discusses some of the tools and techniques he uses to help him get things done.

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9. Master Your Time

You know what I think about time? There are so many demands on your time each and every day. And each and every day you have 1,440 minutes to meet those demands. Since time is not a renewable resource, you need to make the most of the time you have. In this podcast, I share five techniques to help you master your time.

8. Priorities

You know what I think about priorities? Effective leaders overcome the overwhelming stream of information bombarding them daily by approaching tasks with a singular purpose achieved through focused thinking.

7. Recognizing Contribution

You know what I think about contribution? It’s a key focus area for organizational leaders, but not in the way you might think. The leader’s most significant contribution is often to recognize the contributions of others. Recognizing employee contribution is a significant motivator and increases productivity. It is essential to the team executing well.

6. Celebrities in Advertising

You know what I think about celebrity advertising? Although there’s much debate over its power to influence the consumer, marketing agencies would likely see more return on their investment if they simply crafted a more effective message. Take those ‘Old Spice’ ads for instance…

5. Building Prosumer Relationships

You know what I think about network relationships? E-commerce is built on a networked landscape. Businesses that can amplify relationships with consumers to the point where they become prosumers will gain a winning edge.