26. MD Coaches with Rhonda Crowe (Part 1)

You know what I think about personal growth? In the business world today, the words “mentor” and “coach” are very common, and they’re often used interchangeably. Although both are extremely valuable resources, in reality, they couldn’t be more different, there is a distinction between the two that make them as different as night and day. A mentor is an advisor, someone who is successful in his role, and readily shares his knowledge or expertise with others, but he doesn’t have to really know the mentee to be effective. Coaches, on the other hand, understand their clients intimately, they usually hold a certification, and are strong process managers. They’re prescriptive and proactive, actively participating in strategy development with their clients to achieve specific goals. Essentially, where the mentor is a generalist, the coach is a specialist.

In this podcast I’m excited to share Part One of a Two-Part interview with with just such a specialist. Rhonda Crowe is a certified coach and is the President and CEO of MD Coaches, a company dedicated to developing and empowering physicians to realize a greater potential and achieve greater satisfaction from their roles. In today’s segment we discuss Rhonda’s coaching journey and the evolution of MD Coaches.
The website: MD Coaches

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