27. MD Coaches with Rhonda Crowe (Part 2)

Health care today is complicated and highly-complex with a mountain of rules and regulations that govern practically every aspect of the doctor-patient relationship. The real challenge for doctors today is that their culture—the physician culture—hasn’t really changed. Physicians are at the top of the health care hierarchy and are the ones ultimately accountable for patient outcomes, and yet they’re almost treated as commodities by health care managers.

In this podcast, I share Part 2 of my interview with Rhonda Crowe, the President and CEO of MD Coaches, a company dedicated to developing and empowering physicians to realize a greater potential and achieve greater satisfaction from their roles. In today’s episode, we move beyond the origin of MD Coaches and dig a little deeper into the challenges physicians face today and how physicians and managers can glean a better understanding of each other.
The website: MD Coaches

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