24. Stimulate Conflict and Improve Performance

You know what I think about conflict? People don’t stop being people at work. And because people are people conflict is inevitable. Conflict is the natural result of human interaction that begins when one member of the organization believes his or her goals, values, needs, or attitudes are incompatible with those of other members of the organization. Conflict can arise within a member, between two members, or between groups of the organization. Traditionally, conflict was viewed as a detriment to the organization, it was something that should be resolved quickly or avoided all together, but if properly managed, conflict can drive positive change and it can raise the organization to the next level.

13: Personality and Effective Teams

You know what I think about managing teams? Humans are highly complex and don’t come in predictable behavioral packages. The simple truth is people are different and how the team leader manages those differences is the key to the team’s success or failure in meeting its objectives. A working understanding of the individual team member’s personality is key to an effective team and will help the team leader guide them in meeting goals. The ability to match work profiles with personality will also help satisfy the needs of the team members. In this podcast, I discuss using a personal profile system to get more out of your workcenter teams.

4. Spock Was A Free-Market Vulcan

You know what I think about government intervention in business activities? Too often the government interferes in conflicts involving property rights, when if left alone to their own devices, the parties themselves would negotiate a better solution.