44. Strategic Thinking and the Ability to Compete Across Time

Due to the overwhelming amount of information in a networked world, the emphasis on IT research and practice has shifted from producing information to controlling and managing it. Competitive advantage goes to the intelligent and agile organizations. Competitive advantage is goes to the intelligent and agile organizations, and only those that have mastered the arts of discovering new value propositions, nurturing customer relationships, and executing their core functions rapidly and faultlessly will survive. How quickly an organization achieves this advantage depends on its ability to assemble information quickly and then effectively act on it.

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22. Making the Case for Legacy Systems

You know what I think about legacy computer systems? Legacy systems are always on the chopping block because there is a seemingly never-ending cascade of new technology designed to make business more profitable and our lives easier. Moore’s Law would suggest that IT used to build systems today is superior to yesterday’s technology. However, new is not always better. Certainly, today’s IT is smaller and faster, but that doesn’t necessarily make it superior to the technology used in legacy systems. In fact, implementing new IT systems carry inherent risks that may outweigh the drawbacks of modifying or converting existing systems.