38. Responsive Supply Chains

You know what I think about supply chain management? The ultimate goal of SCM is interenterprise integration and the goal of interenterprise integration is reducing inventory, production, and distribution costs. So, how do companies achieve these goals?

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33. Ten Rules For e-Business Success

You know what I think about e-business strategy? According to e-commerce analytics firm, Ever Merchant, e-commerce generates almost 2 and a half million dollars every minute.. Think about that number for a second: Two and a half million dollars. Almost two million of those sales are done over the desktop, while the remaining 500 thousand dollars are generated over mobile device. Almost 1.4 million dollars is spent on credit, debit, prepaid, and store cards, and just over a million dollars are alternative payments, like e-wallets, direct debits, bank transfer, or cod. It’s not surprising that Amazon soaks up almost 200 thousand dollars a minute all by itself, while eBay does 150 thousand, and Apple processes about 36 thousand dollars every minute. And let’s not forget social media, which generates a ton of sales, with Facebook bringing in 11 thousand dollars a minute, and Pinterest and Twitter bringing in just under 10 thousand, each. Without a doubt, the Internet is a powerful tool to facilitate commerce, but to be truly effective, it must be in the forefront of business strategy.

15. The Motor of the World

You know what I think about entrepreneurs? Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand said considered them the ‘motor of the world’ working within existing markets to bring them into equilibrium or creating new markets and disequilibrium. They’re the creators, innovators, and disrupters that move markets and society by changing the status quo. In this podcast I discuss the two sides of entrepreneurship. Where does your impact lie?

14: Decoding Airline Ticket Prices

You know what I think about supply and demand? This podcast was inspired by my brother who had to take an unexpected trip and was forced to purchase an airline ticket the day before the needed flight. So, he was lamenting the high price of the ticket, and after some good-natured ribbing about his studying Political Science in college instead of Economics, we discussed what he considered price gouging was really nothing more than simple supply and demand.