19. Target Customers

You know what I think about customer focus? Leaders who don’t focus on their customers often fail. A relationship with the individuals who might buy their products is essential, but for some reason, many miss this absolutely critical aspect of their business. The process of identifying a target market and narrowing their company’s focus to appeal to it directly is key. Then they can turn their attention to their competitor’s customers.

17. Shut-Up and Take Control

You know what I think about sales? Sales is very stressful for some people, but it can be a lot of fun if you let it. I’m an introvert by nature and probably the last person you’d expect to enjoy pitching ideas to total strangers. Sales is fun–and interesting–because it’s like a game. In this podcast, I discuss a couple of techniques to increase your sales effectiveness and make the game more fun and and a lot more interesting.

3. The Other Elephant in the Room

You know what I think about money? In this podcast, I discuss the hang-ups salespeople have in dealing with the subject of money during the sales process. If you think of yourself as a vendor, then that’s exactly what you are.

2. The Elephant in the Room

You know what I think about sales? In this podcast I discuss the negativity surrounding sales and the sales process. Why would we hold an unfavorable view of salespeople when in reality, we are all salespeople?